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Bid More, Win More

Using our bidding tools to improve the speed and quality of your bids, you will have the highest possibility of winning more projects, giving your business a big push


Bid Templates

You can create your own bid templates as to be reused on projects with similar requirements. With bid templates, proposal submission gets faster and more streamlined


Bid Reports

Keep track of the progress, see how many bids were placed for specific dates, to which projects your team sent the proposals to, the current status of those projects


Better Management

By dividing the work load of lead generation and project management, you will be able to meet deadlines, streamline your business more effectively and efficiently


100% Account Security

Bidlancers will never disclose your main freelancer account. No one will ever have access to your freelancer account or any of its information through bidlancers.



Bidlancers complies with privacy policy, user agreement and api terms. Use of Bidlancers is completely secure for your account

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